Rent A Youth!

One of the fund raising ideas for the Valley Marchmasters trip to Hawaii is “RENT A YOUTH”.  The idea is to find individuals that need tasks completed such as mowing grass, raking leaves, shoveling snow, cleaning garage, etc. and match the tasks up with one or more Marchmasters to complete.  It is asked that any Valley Marchmaster that would like to participate in this fund raising activity hand out flyers (see attachment) to individual in their neighborhood that may be interested in helping.  Please type in your name on the flyers prior to distributing to get your name out there!!!  The requests for help will be matched up with Marchmasters that are participating.  It is proposed that a “buddy” system be used (2 Marchmasters minimum per task unless it is a task for a family friend/relative).  For flyers that you personally hand out, you are welcome to tell the person to mention your name when they get in touch with the e-mail address on the flyer.  Please let me know if you are interested in participating and supply me with your contact information at (name, phone, e-mail address and “buddies” you would like to work with).  Note – this fundraiser is for Marchmasters doing the tasks – not the parents.

The person requesting the help will send a message to the e-mail address with the task they would like completed (can include request for a specific Marchmaster/Marchmasters).  The coordinator will match requests up with Marchmasters that are available to perform the specific task.  The contact information for the person requesting the work will be provided to the selected Marchmaster who will in turn make contact with the requestor and set-up an appropriate time to complete the task.  The Marchmaster will inform the coordinator of when the task will be completed.  The Marchmaster will collect the fee for the task and give it to the coordinator who will in turn get the Marchmaster’s account credited for the activity.  It is requested that if the requestor prefers to pay by check that the check be made out to the “Valley Band Boosters”.

Download A Form

Download a form you can use to help promote this program and raise money for the trip!